Corporate Mission:

Our mission at LSS Digital Print/Finishing Systems is to ensure the continued success of our customers by providing expert technical sales and service solutions at all times.

To our Employees:

You represent our company’s most valuable asset. We need you to continue moving forward. You shall be treated as equal with all your associates. We will always provide a friendly and open work environment.

To our Customers:

We truly appreciate and want to earn your business. YOU ARE OUR BUSINESS. We promise to serve your needs and offer you solutions that are deemed cost effective, innovative and of the highest quality. We promise to build relationships that are ethical and forthright that will insure trust and good will.

To our Vendors and Distributors:

You are as vital to us as are our employees. Your ideas have merit and we will always give due consideration to those ideas. We will stand with you to help you achieve your desired successes. Your products and solutions are vital to our commitment to our customers.

To our Competitors:

We respect you for your good standing in the corporate (business) community. You assist us in validating who we are and our many successes. We stand ready to work with you and set new standards of cooperation as are appropriate in the market place.