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Baum Cut 31.5


BAUM Cut 31.5E Programmable Cutter

The BAUM Cut 31.5E programmable cutter is efficient, compact, and easy to operate, with minimal maintenance. This heavy-duty, fully-hydraulic cutter features easy push-button programming and stores up to 198 programs for storing separate jobs.

The BaumCut 31.5E offers high-productivity precision cutting with maximum safety in mind. Infrared safety beams, two hand timed cut release and covered rear table help ensure operator safety. Noise levels are kept to a minimum since the motor runs only during cutting operations.

Programming is automatic. Simply cut the first ream manually, and the cuts are stored as a program. A large central LC display indicates data in the selected language. Knife changes are easy, with a front adjustment. Built-in table light and optical cutting line indicator yields more precise cutting.

BAUM Cut 31.5N Network Integated Cutter

The BAUM Cut 31.5N is a sturdy programmable cutter for integration into the digital workflow. It has an 18.5” touch screen display, barcode reader, Compucut® and process visualization.

Barcode reading for automatic cutting program creation and loading of the assigned program via the Compucut® feature is all new.  Minimal maintenance is required for the Baumcut 31.5N due to the use of novel materials.

The ultra-smooth stainless table surface allows an ease handling of the material, even without air jets.  The clamping pressure can be adjusted infinitely within a wide setting range for each material cut. Bright LEDs mark the cutting line, making it clearly visible to the operator.

Operation of the BaumCut 31.5N is done via an ergonomically positioned 18.5” touch screen display. Recurring cutting sequences can be memorized, with a memory capacity of 1,998 programs. With the process visualization, the handling of the material is displayed graphically and so the risk of errors is significantly downsized.


Maximum Cutting Width: 31.49"
Minimum Cut: without false clamp plate 0.60"
                          with false clamp plate 1.96"
Maximum Cut Depth: 31.49"
Clamp Opening: 3.93"
Clamping Method Hydraulic and Manual
Maximum Clamping Force 5953 lbs
Backgauge Control Power


Table Space:  in front of knife 26.37"
                         behind knife 31.49"
Table Height 35.43"
Overall Height 59.05"
Overall Width (with side tables) 61.02"
Overall Length 77.55"
Net Weight 1980 lbs.


220 VAC 3-Phase service size 60 Amps

Baum Cut N brochure pdf file

Baum Cut E brochure pdf file

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