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Challenge Champion 305

The Challenge Champion 305 continues our well known excellence for innovation, reliability and durability. UHMW gib surfaces and composite bushings require virtually no maintenance for years of trouble-free operation. Standard features such as power soft clamp, air table, digital hand wheel, and automatic false clamp detection reduce operator fatigue and maximize productivity.

The Champion 305 meets the toughest safety standards in the industry today. Light safety curtains, enclosed rear table, two-hand timed non-repeat cut buttons, and a knife safety latch contribute to our UL and CE certification.

The intuitive 10.5" color touch-screen TC Controller allows variable mode data entry, automatic fraction to decimal calculation and unlimited program storage capacity. Clamp mark waste is reduced or eliminated with programmable electronic clamp pressure control per cut. Innovative advances improve the task of program creation through features such as repeat and loop commands, USP port for thumb drive program delivery, network capable hardware with an Ethernet port, label cutting and sheet division tools, and more! The TC system is the first paper cutter controller in the world to recognize common .csv format program files making offline programming simple and easy to implement at any size print operation.

Proudly manufactured in the USA, the Champion 305 continues our legacy of providing… assurance you made the right decision.

Champion 305 Features:

  • Up to 26 cuts per minute
  • Virtually maintenance-free design
  • Fully-adjustable knife bar gibs (front and rear)
  • 30.5" / 77.5 cm cutting width, 4" / 10.2 cm clamp opening
  • Hydraulic clamping and cutting
  • Line-light cut position indicator
  • False clamp plate
  • Cast iron and steel construction
  • Low-pressure pre-clamping protects operator from injury (less than 66 PSI)



    TC Control System Features:

  • 10.5" Color Touch Screen control panel
  • JDF and network capable hardware
  • Electronic Clamp Pressure control
  • USB port for simple thumb drive program entry
  • Ability to receive .csv files making offline programming and memory storage simple
  • Repeat and Loop commands streamline program entry
  • Auto-programming features of sheet division and label cutting with animated graphics
  • Programmable Clamp pressure per cut
  • Automatic Fraction to Decimal Conversion
  • Unlimited program storage capacity
  • Program Lockout
  • Computer Diagnostic Tools
  • ANSI safety standard compliant and CE, UL and cUL Listed


Maximum Cutting Width: 30-1/2" / 77.5cm
Minimum Cut: without false clamp plate 3/4" / 19mm
                          with false clamp plate 2" / 5cm
Maximum Cut Depth: 30-1/2"/ 77.5cm
Clamp Opening: without false clamp plate 4" / 10.2cm
                             with false clamp plate 3-3/4" / 9.5cm
Clamping Method Hydraulic and Manual
Maximum Clamping Force 5000 lbs / 2200 daN
Backgauge Control Power and Manual


Table Space:  in front of knife 25" / 63.5cm
                         behind knife 30-1/2" / 77.5cm
Table Height 36-1/2" / 94cm
Overall Height 58-1/2" / 147cm
Overall Width (with side tables) 78-1/2" / 200cm
Overall Width (without side tables) 48-1/2" / 123cm
Overall Length 70" / 178cm
Mounting Dimension 41-1/2" / 105cm
Door Pass-through: assembled 49" / 124cm
        with table/treadle removed 42" / 106cm
        with table/treadle/power unit removed 29" / 74cm
Net Weight (approximate) 2550 lbs / 1157 kg
Shipping Weight (approximate) 2750 lbs / 1247 kg


Standard Motor -

5 H.P. Three Phase, 60 Hz, AC
208/230 Volts, 25 Amps (service size 40 Amps) or
460 Volts, 11.5 Amps (service size 20 Amps)
U.L. Listed

Optional Motor -

5 H.P. Single Phase, 60 Hz, AC
208 Volts, 47 Amps (service size 60 Amps) or
230 Volts, 43 Amps (service size 60 Amps)
U.L. Listed

Challenge reserves the right to make changes to any product or specification without notice and without incurring responsibility to existing units.

Challenge Champion 305 TC brochure pdf file

Challenge Champion 305 X brochure pdf file

Download the brochure and call 877.460.1212 toll free to speak to a sales representative.

Video of TC controller