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Gandy GLADI8TOR UV Flatbed Printer

The Gladi8tor is Gandy’s new development based on it’s predecessors, the Pred8tor and Domin8tor which have been coming off the production line at Gandy Digital’s factory in Canada for over 4 years. The most reliable high resolution, large format digital UV flatbed printer in the market giving exceptional value that just got better with the introduction of the Gladi8tor.

The new Gladi8tor comes with 2 main options. The first offering smooth 6 color (CMYK&LM&LC) quality plus double white solving the white density hurdle. Or double CMYK for twice the speed making the Gladi8tor the fastest printer in its category topping 240sqm. We guarantee that you will be surprised with the quality of the samples printed at 240sqm.

The Gladi8tor like the Pred8tor and Domin8tor is a True UV flatbed printer with a vacuum table. The Gladi8tor comes in 2 print sizes. The Gladi8tor 1224 has a print size of 1.22m (4ft) X 2.44m ( 8ft) and the Gladi8tor 2030 has a print size of 2m (6ft6in) X 3.05m (10ft). The Gladi8tor 1224 also comes with a 2.44m ( 8ft) wide roll-to-roll option that achieves the same print quality without compromising true flatbed capability.

Print quality and speed on the Gladi8tor is driven by the inline ‘Blade’ print head configuration system, printing 25.4cm (10 inch) wide swath using 6-picoliter variable dot Ricoh print heads. This system eliminates head to head alignment and gives incredible sharp images.


Model of Printer 1224 2030
Media Size Rigid 96"W x 48"L 79"W x 120"L
Media Size Roll 96"W x 16" Diameter none
Printing Technology Ricoh 6 Picoliter variable dot at 1200 dpi (2400 dpi perceived)
Color Configuration Double CMYK/CMYK+Lc+Lm+2xWhite/CMYK+Lc+Lm+White+Varnish
Cleaning Automated printhead cleaning to acheive continuous quality
Substrate Thickness 2.0" for rigid media / up to 400gsm for flexible roll substrate
Inks LED or UV inks available
Curing 16" JetCure lamp with variable power setting (10%-90%)
Ink Delivery System Easy to install cartridges
Ink Durability Up to 5 years indoors / up to 2 years outdoors
Warranty 12 months on parts / 4 year extended labor warranty available


Model of Printer 1224 2030
Length 244" 260"
Width 120" 110"
Height 66" 68"
Shipping Weight 11,300 lbs. in two crates 10,500 lbs. in one crate

Electrical and Pneumatics

400 VAC 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 30 KW, with seperate neutral and ground

100 PSI, 1.76 SCFM

Gandy GLADI8TOR pdf file


Download the brochure and call 877.460.1212 toll free to speak to a sales representative.