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Gandy SL8TE Hybrid UV Printer

The innovative Gandy Team introduces the SL8TE Hybrid family (Entry Level), highly competitive UV printers without sacrificing the sharpest print quality attained by Gandy's other printers.

The SL8TE Hybrid comes in widths of 1.6m (5'3"), 2.2m (7'2"), 2.6m (8'6") and 3.2m (10'5"). Allowing you to print Flatbed (with extension tables) or Roll to Roll (rewind and unwind with precise tension control). Materials feed continuously without stoppage giving higher throughput. Optional extra heavy duty extension tables allows you to print extra long rigid materials. SL8TE Hybrid family UV printers all use the same high quality Ricoh Gen 4, 6 picoliter printheads giving you the sharpest print quality.

The SL8TE Hybrid UV printers come with combination of 10 to 20 Ricoh Gen 4, 6 picoliter printheads giving you the sharpest print quality. You can have a possibility of 4 color and white and Clear varnish or 6 color for smoother images. As an example using 16 heads in a 4 color mode can give you high quality prints at 35 sqm/hr (375 sqft/hr). The SL8TE Hybrid UV printers have the white and clear varnish feature built in-line so you can print white or clear varnish at the same time as colors so you don't lose any time.

The SL8TE Hybrid UV printers have many very unique and convenient features like auto material thickness sensing. This makes for easy change of materials up to thickness of 65mm (2.5") . SL8TE also have many power levels to cure the UV ink on different materials. Edge to Edge printing is standard. Multi layer printing is also available on all models.

Gandy has introduced high density UV ink for use on the SL8TE Hybrid UV printers that uses less ink per square meter (square foot) that gives you as an example on the 4 color mode, over 200sqm (2150sqft) / liter. This makes your print cost the lowest in the industry.


Printer Model 1600 2200 2600 3200
Maximum Media Width (Rigid or Roll) 63 inches 86.6 inches 102.4 inches 126 inches
Rigid Media Thickness Up to 2.56"
Rigid Media Weight Up to 20 kg per square meter
Media Roll Diameter Up to 10" outer diameter, Up to 3" core diameter
Printing Technology Ricoh 6 Picoliter variable dot at 1200 dpi
Print Speed Express, Outdoor Signage, Indoor Signage, Photo (up to 186 sq.ft./hour)
Inks LED or UV inks available
Curing LED or UV lamp with variable power setting (10%-90%)
Warranty 12 months on parts (excluding consumables and print heads)


Printer Model 1600 2200 2600 3200
Length 118" 142" 173" 173"
Width 49.2" 49.2" 50.4" 70.8"
Height 66" 66" 69.6" 69.6"
Weight 2,425 lbs. 2,821 lbs. 3,527 lbs. 3,968 lbs.

Electrical and Pneumatics

220 VAC 60 Hz, 1-Phase, 30 Amps (3-Phase 380VAC for vacuum pump only flatbed model)

90 PSI Minimum

Gandy SL8TE pdf file


Download the brochure and call 877.460.1212 toll free to speak to a sales representative.