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Gandy SL8TE
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Gandy Softjet Printer for Fabrics

One step roll to roll sublimation printing giving immediate vibrant and durable colors without a second process, with much less energy consumptionand using environmentally safe water base inks.

Textile, direct to fabric -

The Softjet is available now with the latest Ricoh Gen 5 print heads, giving higher speed up to 130 sqm (1400 sqft) with higher quality (6 picoliter) and build on an industrial frame for heavy workloads. Banding is minimized with synchronized roller system allowing for higher speed. Softjet is also available with Ricoh Gen 4 print heads. Print widths of 3.3 meters (10'10"), 2,54 meters (8'4"), 1.88 meters (6'2"). 4 colors or 6 colors or transparent color combination giving full density on double sided flag printing. Inline cutting knives speeds the process to a finished product (optional).

The Softjet doesn't need extra process to sublimate the colors, so no need for transfer paper and no need for an extra process. Save on extra equipment, save on extra space and save on transfer paper. An extraction unit (optional) is available built in so fumes are removed during the fixation process. The Softjet prints directly on coated or uncoated, polyester and polyester blended fabrics. Direct contact heating bonds and gives vibrancy to colors instantly without a second process. Colors are fade and wash resistant for outdoor use and sharp text and resolution for indoor applications.


Printer Model 3304 3308 3312
Quantity of Ricoh Print Heads 4 or 6 8 12
Colors 4 or 6 4 4
Speed in Expess Mode 1679 sq. ft. / hour 1076 sq. ft. / hour 1399 sq. ft. / hour
Print Resolution Up to 1200 dpi
Printing Width Models above available in 3 sizes 130"W, 100"W, and 74"W
Maximum Fabric Roll Weight 264 lbs.
Maximum Fabric Roll Diameter 13.78"


Length for 130" print width version 209"
Width for 130" print width version 47"
Height for 130" print width version 63"
Weight TBA


400 VAC 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 32 Amps

Gandy Softjet pdf file


Download the brochure and call 877.460.1212 toll free to speak to a sales representative.