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Gandy TERMIN8TOR Roll to Roll Printer

The Termin8tor uses Mild-Solvent inks that are low odor and friendly to the environment but at the same time is durable and can be used for many applications including outdoor. Termin8tor also prints on regular materials without any special treatments. Gandy guarantees ink cost at less than €0.25/sqm, making it the lowest production cost. Termin8tor is built on a sturdy frame with quality engineering for precision printing to maintain high production 24hr and 7 days a week with maximum output.

As the Termin8tor is 3.2m (10’6”) wide, it comes with the capability of putting smaller rolls and printing 2, 3 or more rolls at one time. The Multi roll works in tandem so prints are consistent. Termin8tor comes included with Caldera RIP which is well known and gives great color. No need to purchase a RIP separately.

The Termin8tor comes with a big screen monitor and a easy to use GUI system great convenience. Termin8tor has a option to add extended tables on the front and back converting to a Flatbed printer so you can print rigid materials making it a very flexible for all applications.


Printer Model 1804 3204 (and SV) 3208 (and SV) 3216
Print Heads 4 4 8 16
Printing Speeds (square yards per hour)
2, 3, 4, or 6 passes of print heads available
27 to 82 35 to 106 72 to 196 136 to 350
Printing Width 70.8" 125.9" 125.9" 125.9"
Printing Technology Piezoelectric Drop-On-Demand with high firing frequency
Printing Modes Uni-Directional, Bi-Directional, Microstep, Double or Multi Pass
Colors CMYK
Print Resolution 1200 dpi
Ink Type Solvent Based
Media Feeding Roll to Roll, Automatic Feed and Rewind
Print Head Cleaning 4 Modes: Purge, Flush, Wipe, and Auto Spray


Printer Model 1804 3204 (and SV) 3208 (and SV) 3216
Length 157.5" 220.5" 220.5" 220.5"
Width 51.2" 51.2" 51.2" 51.2"
Height 70" 70" 70" 70"
Weight 2,453 lbs. 2,668 lbs. 2,668 lbs. 2,668 lbs.


220 VAC 60 Hz, 1-Phase (2800 to 6100 Watts depending on printer model)

Gandy TERMIN8TOR pdf file


Download the brochure and call 877.460.1212 toll free to speak to a sales representative.