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Toppy Master

The Toppy Master is an automatic system for turning, aerating, jogging and conditioning loads of paper, cardboard, plastic and other materials. It is fast and rugged, and engineered for heavy loads and high volume operation.

- All above ground installation—no expensive pit required
- All electromechanical operation–nothing hydraulic
- Heavy stainless steel plate to protect air nozzles
- The load is inserted and removed perfectly straight because the jogging plate is parallel to the load. It automatically tilts to the jogging position
- Many programmable functions for detailed control over any job
- Automatic operation (push one button)
- Two high-capacity blowers for better handling and cleaning of paper and cardboard
- Two variable speed jogging motors
- Complete mechanical and electronic safety barriers
- Optional automatic pallet loading and load centering
- Developed for easy integration with conveyor and logistics systems

Master 1400
- Maximum paper size: 41" x 56"
- Maximum platform opening: 80.7 inches
- Lifting capacity: 4,400 lbs.

Master 1600
- Maximum paper size: 47" x 64"
- Maximum platform opening: 80.7 inch inches
- Lifting capacity: 4,400 lbs.