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Toppy Twister

The Toppy Twister is rugged, fast, and effective. It turns, aerates, and jogs piles of paper, board, plastic, and other materials. Piles can be turned without applying pressure. It has a proven hydraulic system for lifting and an electrical system for aerating and jogging.

A powerful air blower and 3 air nozzles, protected by a heavy steel plate, deliver the air to the pile for effective sheet separation. The speed of the air nozzles and the amount of air delivered are both adjustable. A vibration motor with variable speed provides abundant jogging action to the pile.

The Toppy Twister can handle pallets, skids, and press dollies. It is the perfect complement for mid-size and half-size printing presses or die-cutters. 

- Maximum paper size: 29.5" x 43.3"

- Maximum platform opening: 56.7 inches

- Lifting capacity: 2,200 lbs.