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Toppy WB


Our most popular model. It has a broad application for most types of businesses.

The Toppy WB is an exceptionally agile and versatile machine, used for turning and transporting piles of paper, board, plastic, and other materials. The Toppy WB is self-propelled like a powerful forklift, allowing it to go where the job is. Once in position, it lifts and turns the pile in less than a minute. Piles can be turned with or without applying pressure.

It has a well-proven hydraulic system for lifting and electrical system for moving. It does not require a permanent electrical connection. The charger can recharge the battery from any 120V outlet. The battery can easily be replaced from the side.

The Toppy WB can both skids and closed-bottom pallets. It is the perfect complement for midsize and half-size printing presses and die cutters.

- Maximum paper size: 31 x 44 inches

- Maximum forks opening: 56 or 67 inches

- Lifting capacity: 2,200 lbs

- Available with air jogging