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Toppy Willy-Lift


Willy-Lift has the combined features of a pallet jack and stack lift. It is used to transport and lift piles. A photocell detects the height of the pile and raises or lowers the lift automatically to the proper working height. This eliminates repetitive motion injuries such as carpel tunnel syndrome and back problems.

Toppy Willy-Lift - for open bottom skids.

- Forks width: 21.3 or 26.8 inches

- Forks length: 45.3 inches

- Lifting capacity: 2,200 lbs

Toppy Willy-LIft WB - Features a wide straddle-type base that allows it to handle both closed-bottom pallets and open-bottom skids.

- Adjustable forks width: 10 to 31.5 inches

- Forks length: 35.1 inches

- Lifting capacity: 2,200 lbs