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Count Auto-Pro Plus II and Count Auto-Pro Air Plus

Efficiently produce a wide variety of jobs with a user friendly Micro-proccessor that makes set-ups easy to achieve, no matter how many job tasks need to be done. Number, Perf, and Score all in one pass.

- User friendly menu driven microprocessor controller which guides you through set-ups step-by-step.

- The bottom feeder has been engineered for continuous loading without stopping for maximum production, and because it is bottom fed, any job that has to be run back through the machine a second time will maintain the proper number sequence.

- The feed rails offer micro-lateral adjustment to keep the alignment of paper for a straight perf and score every time. The caliper paper adjustment is easily set to feed single sheets or multiple part carbonless, even on the open edge.

- The numbering system consists of two electronically fired numbering heads, which are independently controlled by the microprocessor.

- Up to 20 numbering strikes per sheet can be accomplished, with number placement anywhere on the sheet, including the upper gripper edge. The standard numbering head is a 7 digit gothic, reverse with 5 repeat sequences, and has an adjustment to setting the amount of impact pressure on various types of stock.

- Crash print up through a 10 part carbonless form- other numbering styles and No letterwheels are available at additional cost.

- Perforating and scoring is accomplished on the main roller., before the numbering heads, for maximum control of the sheet.

- A variety of perf blade styles available, including a microperf blade for laser perforating.



Auto-Pro Plus II and Auto-Pro Air Plus
Maximum sheet size 18" x 20"
Minimum sheet size 4” X 4”
Numbering Heads 2
Speed up to 19,000 sph


115 VAC