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Rosback 220/223 TrueLine Perf-Score-Slit Machine

The Rosback 220 or 223 has been designed for quality, high production, precision perforating, as well as scoring and slitting on stocks ranging from 9 lb. manifold to 1/16" board.  Models are available in Vacuum or Friction Feed.  A perfect choice for your finishing equipment needs.

Unique Features:

  • Perforating heads with built-in chip removers

  • Stripper-completely surrounding perforating cutters

  • Molded drive rollers

  • See-through safety cover

  • Heads can be quickly added or removed

  • Air Feeder or Friction Feeder versions available

  • "CE" style guarding available

  • NEW Option! The Gap Feed Option for the Rosback Vacuum TrueLine allows feeding onto a 248 or 249 Cross Perforator, or onto a right angle folder. Simple controls let the operator set the gap between sheets, ensuring a consistent product stream. Whether right angle perforating, scoring and folding, or simply sheet feeding, the gap feed option makes the industries best vacuum feeder even better.



  220 223
Maximum sheet size 20” W x 26” L 26” W x 26” L
Minimum sheet size 3” W X 3” L 3” W X 3” L
Speed Up to 24,000 feet per hour
Finishing Equipment Accessories Perforating Heads, Narrow Margin Perforator Heads,
  1/2" Slot Perforating Heads, Knife-Cut Snap-Out Cutters,
  Pressure Sensitive Slitting* (aka Semi-Slit / Back Slit),
  Creasing Heads, Split Creasing Heads, Quick Align Heads,
  Slitting Heads, Micro-Perf Heads, Extra Wide Scoring Heads,
  Gutter-Cut Heads, Compact Disc Heads,
  TrueScore Scoring Heads, Cobra 4x4 Strike Perf Heads*
  *These features only available for the 223


  220 223
Length 55" 61"
Width 32" 38"
Height 42" 44"
Weight 275 to 365 lbs.** 335 to 425 lbs.**
  **Air feed versions weigh 365 and 425 lbs. respectively


115VAC 60Hz 5 Amps

Rosback 220/223 TrueLine brochure pdf file

Download the brochure and call 877.460.1212 toll free to speak to a sales representative.