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Rosback 240XL/243XL Perf-Score-Slit Machine

The Rosback 240 XL Perforator is versatile enough to add any style delivery system, strike perforating or upgrade to tandem shafts for virtually endless perforating capabilities.

The Rosback 243 XL Tandem Shaft Perforator is a two shaft unit that is designed for score-on-score cover stocks as well as virtual unlimited intricate patterns of perf/score/slit including CD-ROM's. This tandem shaft design will provide numerous capabilities for your finishing equipment needs.

Both the 240XL and 243XL include the following features:

  • Standard ball bearing construction with stronger shaft supports and heavy-duty frame.

  • Standard total sheet counter with batching and double sheet detector.

  • Easy-Out Cutter Shafts for quicker tooling change-over.

  • Ergonomically and centrally located control station including internal total sheet counter.

  • Air control and gauge location beside control station.

  • Upgrade available for Cobra Strike Perforating (up to 4 strike heads per shaft).

  • Delivery options: jogging, static or conveyor.

  • See through side-guide registration.

  • Easy access maintenance.


240XL and 243XL (240XL has 1 pair perf/score/slit shafts. 243XL has 2 pair of shafts.)
Maximum sheet size 30” W x 30” L
Minimum sheet size 7.5” W X 7.5” L
Speed Up to 25,000 feet per hour
Finishing Equipment Accessories Perforating Heads, Narrow Margin Perforator Heads,
  1/2" Slot Perforating Heads, Knife-Cut Snap-Out Cutters,
  Pressure Sensitive Slitting (aka Semi-Slit / Back Slit),
  Creasing Heads, Split Creasing Heads, Quick Align Heads,
  Slitting Heads, Micro-Perf Heads, Extra Wide Scoring Heads,
  Gutter-Cut Heads, Compact Disc Heads,
  TrueScore Scoring Heads, Cobra 4x4 Strike Perf Heads


Length 108"
Width 48"
Height 60"
Weight (240XL) 1204 lbs. (1684 lbs. shipping weight)
Weight (243XL) 1404 lbs. (1884 lbs. shipping weight)


230VAC 60Hz 3-Phase 30 Amp service

Rosback 240XL/243XL brochure pdf file

Download the brochure and call 877.460.1212 toll free to speak to a sales representative.