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Renz Punch 700 Heavy Duty Punch

Heavy duty machine for continuous punching and perforating up to 700 mm (28") punching width.

Easily operated by a foot switch or micro switch. Can be operated while sitting or standing. Horizontal paper insertion guarantees punching accuracy on wide formats.

Quick and easy die change in just a few minutes. Punching dies for wire comb binding, plastic and spiral binding are available in QSA execution (QSA quick size adjustment = quick selection of punch pins). Therefore it is not necessary to remove the die for format changes.

Due to the wide punching width, 2 part dies can be used allowing punching of books and calendars. Therefore, the investment of a second die is saved. Significantly, the machine can be configured with two 350 mm dies side by side; one in 3:1 pitch and one in 2:1 pitch therefore negating the need to die change when moving between pitches.

Continuous height adjustment for reground dies, up to 15 mm max.


- heavy duty machine for continuous work
- fast and easy changing of punching dies in just a few minutes
- punching dies of most competitive manufacturer can be used by changing the mounting adapter
- fast format setting with QSA dies
- especially appropriate for large formats
- quality “Made in Germany”


Punching width 27.5" (700mm) to 2.36" (60mm)
Mechanical punch speed (operator dependent) Up to 2,400 strokes per hour
Maximum unpunched width max. 27.5" (700mm)
Minimum unpunched width min. 2.75" (70mm)
Punching thickness Up to 4.5mm (depends on die and material)
Punch dies available Most standard punch patterns and custom
Selectable punching pins Yes w/ QSA punch dies (QSA = quick size adj.)
Time to change punch die only a few minutes
Material feed Manually - Horizontal
Material weight range 40 gsm to 1000 gsm


Overall depth 30.3"
Overall width 76.8"
Overall height 44.9"
Shipping weight 1078 lbs.


230 VAC 3-phase

Renz Punch 700 brochure pdf file

Download the brochure and call 877.460.1212 toll free to speak to a sales representative.

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