Vivid Linea DH-1100

Vivid Linea DH-1100 - Laminator


Two Heat Rollers, Standard Temperature Range of 32F to 284F. Material Widths up to 42.51".

The Linea DH-1100 has been designed for jobs that just can’t wait. As well as being able to cope with long, continuous runs, its highly versatile and ideal for laminating different size media such as long banners or odd shaped pieces.

The system has been carefully designed with well thought out features making it easy-to-use and highly efficient.

Stand included.


- Up to 5.25 feet per minute

- 3” & 2” core sizes

- Solidly built from all-metal components

- Large diameter rollers to withstand the rigors of continuous operation

- Single sided lamination

- Encapsulation

- Double sided lamination



Heat Roller(s): Two / Laminating Speed: up to 5.25 feet per minute / Max. Width: 42.51" / Warm Up Time: 15 minutes / Laminating Temperature Range: 32F to 284F / Film Core: 3" & 2"


Size: 54" W x 17" D x 48" H / Weight: 441 lbs.


220-240 VAC 1-phase 60 Hz