MBM AeroCut X Pro

MBM AeroCut X Pro - Slitter/Cutter/Creaser/Perforator

The AeroCut X Pro is an all in one, user friendly machine for slitting, creasing, cutting and perforating. The renewed user interface on a easily moved 10" color touchscreen is even more intuitive, and helps automate the digital print finishing environment.

The X Pro is an ideal solution for any digitally printed applications, such as business cards, post cards, invitations, greeting cards, leaflets, tickets and more.

The X Pro has the capability to perforate stocks both across and along feeding direction by adding on an optional perforating unit.

The air-suction top feeding system easily feeds coated, digital, gloss and other stocks precisely without damage.

Included is Lytrod Intellicut software to easily impose artwork and address data to seamlessly create PDF layouts with job barcodes and cut marks for the AeroCut X Pro.


Intuitive Operation

The 10” touch screen allows operators to set job programs and run the machine intuitively and instantly.

Expandable Feed Tray

The expandable tray is capable of feeding stocks up to 29.5” in length. Up to 63" long sheets can be feed if supported by the operator. Most stocks for today’s digital print can be finished on the Prime.

Patented Feeding Mechanism

The patented “Tri-Suction Feeding Mechanism” reduces risks of double feeds and mis-feeds drastically, therefore it prevents paper jams and enhances productivity.

Robust Slitters & Cutters

The self-sharpening slitter and blade unit allows the machine to cut up to 400 gsm.

Quick Set Creaser

A fast to use lever lets you pick from 5 creasing depths. Plus, "Double Strike" creasing capability can be selected from the touchscreen for creasing heavy stocks.

Anti-Static Ionizer

The guillotine cutting unit is equipped with an anti-static device to reduce paper trimmings from causing jams.

Conveyor / Stacker

The conveyor is light weight and easy to attach. It's engineered to adjust for different stock and sizes of finished pieces.

New Ejection Pause Function and New Card Exit Guides

The first card set can be paused at the machine’s eject port to ease the placement of the card exit plates. The exit guides prevent cards from flipping over when ejected.



Sheet Size: from 8.27″ W x 8.27″ L up to 14.5″ W x 29.5" L with feed tray (up to 63" L if operator supported) / Sheet Weight Range: 120 to 400 gsm (depending on paper hardness) / Feeder Pile Height: 4″ / Speed: up to 34 sheets per minute


Machine Size: 28" D x 46.3" W (not inlcluding exit conveyor) x 42.3" H (touchscreen extends higher) / Shipping Weight: 639 lbs.


120 VAC 60 Hz