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Defining the direction of conventional print with CRON-ECRM

CRON's mission is to help printers everywhere improve the quality and efficiency of their output while reducing viable print runs, turnaround times and costs. Our advanced technology CTP devices are at the heart of our 'Conventional Digital Print' (CDP) initiative, which focuses on end-to-end print delivery including supply of plates, peripherals, processors and on-press ancillaries.

CRON Computer to Plate Systems

Standard Horizon Stitchliner 6000

The Standard Horizon StitchLiner 6000 high-speed saddlestitcher has been integrated with Standard Hunkelerís UW6 unwinder and CS6 rotary cutter for production of up to 6,000 high-quality booklets per hour, near line with continuous feed printers. The solution offers in-line cover feeding and non-stop booklet production on a very wide range of paper stocks. Variable sheet-count booklets can be produced using barcode scanning or mark reading.

Standard Horizon Stitchliner 6000

Paper Conversion Tables Sometimes specifications for paper can be confusing. Grams per Square Meter, Bond, Index . . . what does that all mean? Look it up in our convenient Paper Conversion Tables. International paper sizes are listed, too.