CRON AL66/AL72 Plate Autoloader

CRON AL66/AL72 Plate Autoloader

CRON Autoloaders are designed and built to match the performance of their related platesetter. All models, apart from the 66/72 Series, are available with either single or multiple plate cassettes to enable multiple-plate-size loading or uninterrupted production.

Each model has been designed to be easy to operate and also includes positive interleaf paper removal and collection. Reliable and smooth operation is ensured by advanced plate handling and accurate registration systems.


Model: AL66/72-100

Cassettes: 1 / Max loading quantity per cassette (0.3 plates): 100 / Max loading quantity: 100 plates


Max loading size: 1850 mm x 1422 mm / Min loading size: 650 mm x 550 mm / Types of plate: UV or Thermal

Size & weight

Dimensions: 2640 mm L x 1475 mm W x 930 mm H / Machine net weight: 800 kg

Power & working environment

Power supply: 1-phase 220-240 VAC 50/60 Hz / Power: 1.5 KW / Humidity range 20 - 70% (non condensing)