Morgana DigiFold Pro XL

Morgana DigiFold Pro XL Creaser/Folder


The Morgana DigiFold Pro XL is designed to complement the long sheet capabilities enabled in the production printers of today.

It features a standard pull-out extension that enables sheet sizes up to 51". This opens the door to new applications, such as covers for landscape booklets, book covers for oversized perfect bound books, multi-panel brochures and many other applications made from these long sheets.

The DigiFold Pro XL is a heavy-duty automatic creasing and folding system designed to complement mid to high volume digital and offset production presses.


- Folds and creases up to 6,000 sheets of 8.5" x 11" per hour

- Creasing only speeds up throughput up to 7,500 per hour

- Max loading capacity up to 7.9”

- Top fed vacuum feeder, ensures stable production for long runs

- Fully automatic operator functions

- Unique air knife system for sheet separation

- Equipped with both a belt-stacker for folded sheets and a delivery tray for crease only jobs

- Comes with high speed DynaCrease tool

- Up to 30 creases per sheet with optional static creasing tool

- Full cross perforation available, comes with optional static creasing tool



Maximum sheet size: 15.2” W x 27.6” L (up to 51" with extension) / Minimum sheet size: 3.7” W x 8.3 L” / Maximum paper thickness: 0.015” / Minimum paper thickness: 0.004” / Feeder Pile height: 7.9” / Maximum number of folds per sheet: 2 / Minimum repeat crease distance: 0.04” / Minimum repeat fold distance: 2.75” (depending on paper weight) / Minimum crease distance from lead edge: 0.1” / Minimum fold distance from lead edge: 1.97” (depending on paper weight) / Minimum crease distance from tail edge: 0.1” / Minimum fold distance from tail edge: 1.97” (depending on paper weight) / Minimum fold length: 2.75” / Speed:(8.5"x11" in half): Up to 6000 sheets per hour when folding and creasing, speed can reach up to 7,500 sheets per hour when only creasing


Size: 109” L x 29” W x 56” H / Shipping Weight: 811 lbs.


220-240 VAC 1-phase 60 Hz