U.S. Paper Counters Shooter IID

U.S. Paper Counters Shooter IID - Tab Inserter


This is a free standing counter/tabber that accurately counts and inserts paper tabs into the delivery pile of presses, sheeters, paper board machines and paper converting equipment with receding pile deliveries.

The Sharp-Shooter option features the ability to count and tab acceptable material, while flagging spoilage material by means of a red dye marked tab using a wireless remote control.

Setup is a breeze with it’s pedestal, adjustable head height and various tape chute lengths. Predetermined tabbing is as easy as pushing a button.

An electronic coupling pick-up (Universal connection 12-120V AC or DC count pulse connection) or Dry Contact (no Voltage connection) or optional Laser sensor, attached to your equipment, creates a pulse or input, representing a single sheet count to the electronic control unit.


Standard Features

Counting speeds equal to your equipment

Tabbing at various batch increments

Panel and remote control start/stop/count for spoilage

Capacity to operate two tabbing heads

High speed batch selector

Variable tape length control

Variable knife cut delay

Pedestal base

Touch Screen user interface


Laser sensor

Custom tape chute lengths (8″ up to 36″)

Various pedestal heights available

Additional tabbing head



See brochure near the top of this webpage


Size: Height from 20" to 60" / Weight: 40 lbs.


110 VAC or 220-240 VAC