Challenge MS-10

Challenge MS-10 Multi-Spindle Paper Drill - Factory Refurbished


The MS-10 is flexible. It quickly drills any job up to 10 holes in one stroke, so big drilling jobs can be completed quickly and economically. It’s easy to adjust for a variety of multiple hole patterns simply add and adjust drilling heads by sliding them along the splined shaft. A special three drill head is available with drill bits on 1˝ centers.

A touch to the foot pedal brings the drilling heads down to the table under hydraulic power. The paper is drilled and the heads are released automatically and returned to the starting position. The speed of the heads on the downward stroke is adjustable, providing you with the most efficient drilling and production operations on all types of jobs and paper stocks.

The MS 10 features cast iron and steel construction, and is quality built by highly trained technicians with years of experience. The MS-10 is designed and built to stand up to years of heavy duty drilling use. It is a drill you can depend on to get your jobs done productively and on time.


- High Production Multi Hole Drilling

- Drills Up To 10 Holes In One Stroke

- Maximum Drill Bit Diameter 1/2˝ with standard heads

- 2-1/2˝ Drilling Capacity

- Powerful Hydraulic Operation

- Easy Head Adjustment

- Variable Speed Stroke Control

- Automatic Paper Chip Removal

- Rugged Cast Iron and Steel Construction

- Flexible Side Guide Adjustments

- Multi Splined Drive Shaft

- Adjustable Backgauge

- Lighted Work Surface



Maximum Number of Drill Heads: 10 / Drill Sizes Available (2" capacity)**: 1/8" to 1/2" / Drill Sizes Available (2-1/2" capacity): 1/4" to 1/2" / Center to Center Distance Maximum: 21" / Center to Center Distance Minimum***: 1-1/4" / Minimum Distance Between Holes w/ Adj. Stops: 3/8" / Minimum Distance Between Holes w/ Fixed Gauges: 1/4" / Maximum Drilling Capacity: 2-1/2" / Strokes per Minute (adjustable): 18 to 26 / Backgauge Adjustment: 0 to 9" / Vertical Adjustment of Individual Heads: 1/4"


Size: 35" D x 40" W x 60" H / Weight: 1350 lbs.


208 VAC 3-phase 60 Hz 14 Amps / 230 VAC 3-phase 60 Hz 12.8 Amps


** Special large hole drilling (up to 1-3/4" in diameter) is possible with available conversion kit.

*** Three hole drilling heads are available for drilling 3 holes in 1" centers.