Baum L4 Stack Lift

Baum L4 Stack Lift - Paper Lifter


The BAUM L4 Stack Lift increases operator productivity by presenting the stock at a convenient working height.

Loading cutting material without the proper equipment increases stress on the back of the cutter operator.

The L4 provides an ergonomic solution to reduce back strain while increasing operator efficiency.

The BAUM L4 Stack Lift compliments the full line of BaumCut cutters and can be integrated to form a complete inline system with the Baum B2 Jogger.

These stack lifts can be utilized wherever significant amounts of material must be loaded or unloaded on pallets.


- Ergonomic automatic lifting and lowering of palletized material

- Lifting heavy loads is reduced to a minimum

- Increased efficiency of the cutting machine by up to 10%, because working height remains constant throughout loading and unloading procedures

- Operator’s productivity curve remains constant

- Substantial reduction of occupational physical work stress



Maximum Pallet Size: 47.24” x 31.50” / Maximum Weight on Shelf (Load Capacity): 2,205 lbs. / Maximum Lift Height: 33.46"