Standard Horizon SmartStacker

Standard Horizon SmartStacker Slitter/Cutter/Collator/Stacker


The Standard Horizon SmartStacker offers a groundbreaking new way to process your digital B2 print simpler and smarter! The SmartStacker converts a B2 size / 20" x 29" sheet into up to 28 individual cut sheets, with intelligent accumulation and stacking, and end-to-end JDF control. Designed to run in-line with the B2-format HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press, the system can also be operated near-line to serve multiple print sources with sheet feeding capability up to 4,500 B2 sheets per hour.

The SmartStacker edge trims and gutter cuts for up to 7 sheets in one direction and four in the other for full bleed trimming and can deliver finished product such as posters or postcards, straight or offset stacks, individual sets or book blocks, or bypass to in-line finishing for saddlestitching, perfect binding, or folding. With this product, Standard Horizon offers a revolutionary and integrated high-performance solution for cutting, trimming, collating and stacking B2 digitally printed sheets without manual intervention.

The highly automated SmartStacker process ensures faster job turnaround with less waste and errors, resulting in higher productivity, quality, and profitability.


Cut, Collate, & Stack

SmartStacker can cut a maximum 762 x 530 mm (30.00” x 20.86”) sheet into B2, B3, A3, A4 ...... minimum A6 (100 x 105 mm / 3.93” x 4.13”). With Max. 7 columns across sheet direction and Max. 4 rows along sheet direction, 28 properly imposed 2-sided pages per sheet (i.e. 56 A6 pages) can be processed. A high capacity stack can be delivered with off-set separation or as a straight stack. Individual package delivery is also possible.

Gutter cut and Edge trim

Full image bleed and accurate margins are achieved through gutter cutting and edge trimming. The gutter cut is variable from 6 mm to 15 mm or slit only can be chosen. Edge trimming is adjustable from 5 mm to 60 mm. Gutter cut and trimmed waste paper are rejected into an evacuation unit.

Multiple Job Separation

When multiple jobs (up to two jobs per sheet) are imposed in one sheet, each job can be offset stacked.(Requires Finishing Line Controller.)


Two lines of scoring can be performed in the second processing section for greeting card and brochure applications.

Blank page removal

Depending on the imposition, a blank page(s)with no print may appear on the parent sheet. These blank sheets or pages are automatically rejected at the 2nd process unit. Unwanted blank pages are never stacked with printed product. (Requires Finishing Line Controller.)

B2 Size Stack

Larger sheet applications such as maps or B2 size posters can be processed on the SmartStacker with full image bleed by means of edge trim only. Optional B2 Stacker (Planned) is required.



Sheet Size (Before Cut): 11″ W x 12.995″ L to 30″ W x 20.865″ L (merge stacker) , 14.965″ W x 12.995″ L to 30″ W x 20.865″ L (B2 stacker) / Piece Size (After Cut): 3.94″ W x 4.135″ L to 15″ W x 20.865″ L (merge stacker) , 14.965″ W x 8.27″ L to 30″ W x 20.865″ L (B2 stacker) / Sheet Weight Range: 82 to 370 gsm (normal paper), 90 to 360 gsm (coated, merge stacker), 104.7 to 360 gsm (coated, B2 stacker) / Edge Trim Width: 0.2″ to 2.36″ / Gutter Trim Width: 0.24″ to .59″ / Production Speed: Up to 4,600 sheets per hour


Due to the variety of configurations available, click on the brochure link near the top of this page.


Due to the variety of configurations available, click on the brochure link near the top of this page.