MBM Aerocut NanoPLUS

MBM Aerocut NanoPLUS - Slitter/Cutter


Tri-Suction Feeding Mechanism, InstaSet bar, and an intuitive touch screen with Flex Mode provides multiple directional cuts in one pass.

Feed table elevates and lowers to separate digital stocks to avoid misfeeds and/or markings.

Self-correcting cut mark registration feature ensures accurate cuts every time.

Density sensor for true double feed detection resulting in faster turn times and greater accuracy.

Unique InstaSet bar indicates and aligns slitter positions accurately and can be adjusted manually without tools so there is no need for expensive cartridges.

Touch screen controller is pre-programmed with 16 jobs, can store up to 40 additional custom programs, as well as 40 Flex Mode programs.


InstaSet Bar

Unique InstaSet bar indicates and aligns slitter positions accurately and can be easily adjusted manually without tools.

Patented Feeding Mechanism

The patented “Tri-Suction Feeding Mechanism” reduces risks of double feeds and misfeeds drastically, therefore it prevents paper jams and enhances productivity.

Touch Screen with Flex Mode

The intuitive touch screen control module now features Flex Mode which allows operators to cut multiple size cards from a page and add a desired number of cuts.

Robust Slitters & Cutters

The self-sharpening slitter and blade unit allows the machine to cut up to 350 gsm.



Sheet Size: from 8.25″ W x 8.25″ L up to 13″ W x 19+″ L / Sheet Weight Range: 120 to 350 gsm / Feeder Pile Height: 1.2″ / Speed: up to 20 sheets per minute


Machine Size: 24.9" D x 30.2" W x 39.9" H / Shipping Weight: 212 lbs.


120 VAC 60 Hz