Intelligent Package Systems QCON-24

Intelligent Package Systems QCON-24 Custom Built Conveyors


The IPS Qcon-24 conveying system is the ideal system for unit and package handling. It provides an extremely safe, modular, quiet and virtually maintenance free means of moving product within your facility.

The Qcon-24 system is made up of modules. A module is defined as straights, curves, right angle transfers, merges and diverts. Programmable logic controllers control the modules. The modules themselves are further divided into “zones.” Product can accumulate within each zone if needed. The zones contain photoelectric sensors and reflectors. When the photoelectric beams are interrupted, this signals to the PLC that product is present in that zone. Qcon-24 can run in singulate mode, or train mode. Normal transport mode is available if specified. In singulate mode, a product will not move into a zone until that zone is clear. In train (slug) mode, a product will move into a zone as the previous product is moving out of that zone.


- Motorized Roller: Brushless 24 VDC with inline 5.5 in-lb gearbox that are housed inside 1.9” tube. The motor has a controller that is equipped with dynamic braking for the accurate stoppage of the object. (30-240 FPM Adjustable speed).

- Idler Roller: 1.9” outside diameter, spring loaded on both sides. Slaved via 3/16” urethane O’ring to the motorized roller.

- Sleeves: Rollers can be covered with tapered sleeves for the curves, or straight sleeves should higher friction be needed such as inclines.

- Roller Centers: The rollers are at 2”, 3”, 4” and 6” centers.

- Direction: The motorized rollers can be reversed locally or via a remote device such as PLC analog output or variable resistor.

- Operating Modes: Singulation, Train modes, and normal transport mode.

- Live Load: 100 Lb per Zone (motorized roller).

- Noise: With Atmospheric (background) noise 55 dba, 55-58dba @ 1 meter and 60-62dba @ 1 foot.

- Input voltage/freq: 90-260 VAC, Switched / 47-440 HZ

- Working Temp/Humidity: 0 to 50 degree C, 20% to 90% RH