Ameri-Shred AMS-500HD / AMS-750HD / AMS-1000HD

Ameri-Shred AMS-500HD / AMS-750HD / AMS-1000HD Hard Drive Shredders


Ameri-Shred Series 2 hard drive shredders will shred most standard rotary hard drives up to 1″ thick, as well as backup tapes, cell phones, DVDs and assorted e-scrap. Optional inclusions on our hard drive shredders include an air filtration system, fork pockets, hard drive counter, and viewing window.

Series 2 hard drive shredders consist of three models and a choice of three shred widths, except for the AMS-500HD, which is only available with 1.5″ wide cutters. An output conveyor is a standard inclusion but it can be substituted for an infeed conveyor on our 10 HP stand model, which has a drop-down discharge. All of our hard drive shredders are manufactured in the U.S. and can be stationary or placed in trucks for mobile hard drive shredding.

Series 2 hard drive shredders are also available with a dual cutting chamber that allows you to shred rotary hard drives on one side and solid state drives on the other.



- Choice of shred width

- Air particulate system

- Powder coat color

- Backlit laser burned logos

- Mobile truck installation



Drive: Electric / AMS-500HD = 5 HP motor, AMS-750HD = 7.5 HP motor, AMS-1000HD = 10 HP motor / Shred Width: 0.75", 1.0", or 1.5" / Standard Drives per Hour: AMS-500HD = up to 1500, AMS-750HD = up to 1800, AMS-1000HD = up to 2000 / Server Drives per Hour: AMS-500HD = up to 750, AMS-750HD = up to 900, AMS-1000HD = up to 1000


Size: 77" L x 56" W x 56" H / Weight: 2,500 lbs. to 3,100 lbs.


AMS-500HD and AMS-750HD available in 208-230 VAC 1-phase 60 Hz / All models available in 208-230 or 460 VAC 3-phase 60 Hz


All Batteries Must Be Removed Prior to Shredding Due to Risk of Fire