Standard Horizon SPF-200A Booklet Maker

Standard Horizon SPF/FC-200A Booklet Maker


The Standard Horizon SPF/FC-200A fully-automated combination stitcher/folder and face trimmer is equipped with a user-friendly 10.4″ intelligent color touchscreen that provides advanced set-up automation and centralized control.

The SPF/FC-200A brings bookletmaking automation and operator ease-of-use to new heights with quick and automated setups that include folder roller gap settings.

Precise stepper motors drive end stops, side guides, stitching heads and other systems to the exact location for the sheet size and finish style selected.

The SPF/FC-200A features an integrated hand-marry station for increased flexibility, and a built-in error eject tray which allows for non-stop production at speeds up to 4,500 booklets per hour.


Advanced Automation

All necessary settings for a wide variety of booklet formats, ranging from CD to A4 landscape (A4 landscape is available only with SPF-200L) can be performed automatically through the touchscreen display. Even the fold roller gap adjustment is automated. The quick fully-automatic changeover is suited for efficient small lot production and leads to a reduction of test sheets.

Color Touchscreen for Easy Operation

The 10.4 inch large color touchscreen features an intuitive, icon-based display for easy operation and quick troubleshooting.

Supporting both Digital and Offset Print

The SPF-200 series booklet-making system provides flexible system configurations. The VAC-1000 collator can be connected for conventional offset print production and the HOF-400 feeder offline feeder can be connected to handle digital output.

Cost Savings

The SPF-200 series booklet-making system processes the pre-cut 4-page sheets instead of folded signatures to eliminate the folding process.

A Wide Range of Optional Units

A wide range of optional units such as a hole punch unit, paper insertion knife unit and preset kicker are available to meet varying customer needs.



Sheet Size: 4.7″ W x 7.1″ L to 14″ W x 20″ L / Sheet Weight Range: 64 to 157 gsm (normal paper) or 84.9 to 157 gsm (coated paper) / Booklet Size: 4.7″ W x 3.5″ L to 14″ W x 10″ L / Production Speed: 4,000 booklets/hour (A4-Finish, Portrait), 3,500 booklets/hour (A4-Finish, Landscape)


Due to the variety of configurations available, click on the brochure link near the top of this page.


Due to the variety of configurations available, click on the brochure link near the top of this page.